About the Pig

The Rivervale Pig is a home-based kitchen and a passion project of Edd Ong. The goal is to serve delicious and boldly flavored food with global influences. From Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine to European and Modern American, The Rivervale Pig celebrates the process of experimentation and change; with every new experience catalyzing a new creation.

"I want my guests to feel like they are coming home to share my experiences through food."

A dish of pig ears at a Chicago diner reignited Edd's memory of an obscure Teochew dish from childhood, Pig Ears Terrine or Pig Ears Jelly (猪耳冻). "It's a dish we hardly hear of and is pretty much on its way to obscurity. It's uncanny how the experience in Chicago motivated me to reach back to these flavors from my childhood. The idea of using pig ears was also my attempt to remind myself of the times where every morsel of food was cherished, not wasted. Much of the food we eat today has historically thrifty origins created from less popular cuts of an animal". This essentially inspired the nose to tail dining concept that defines the cuisine of The Rivervale Pig. 

Expect a relaxed and casual private home dining experience at The Rivervale Pig. Edd set out from the get-go to create an uncluttered minimalist environment. There is plenty of space to move around, sip sake or wine at the balcony or just engage with Edd at the kitchen on any topic from food to anything else under the sun. Guests are encouraged to bring their own beverages as there is no corkage.